About Me - jane yost

Thanks for visiting my site.   I hope my photos open up a whole new world to you, and put a smile on your face!

A little about me. I grew up in Australia and attended Melbourne School of Photography.  After my life took a right turn for a few years, my photography got re-started at the turn of the Millennium in a few ways, including freelancing for a local newspaper, retail camera sales and photo processing, and the occasional wedding or portrait for friends.   

That nine year period saw huge changes in the photography world, and I rode the wave that took us all from film into the digital age - from my trusty old 1977 Pentax KM, through various digital point'n'shoots, my first digital SLR, a Canon 20D and some fast lenses, necessary for the ski photography and high school sports I had begun to shoot.  

Then I added a Nikon D90 to my quiver the day before I travelled to Morocco, and it paid for itself over and over on that trip, producing beautiful bright colored images that matched the intensity of the landscapes there.  While the D90 met an unfortunate end in India, I now use my other Nikon equipment almost exclusively for travel photography and weddings, and the Canons for sports.   Two awesome brands, and I'm lucky enough to own each - they both perform flawlessly for their purposes.

As you can seem my passion is travel photography, but I'm no less passionate about every wedding I shoot while on home soil.  Same goes for portraiture.

Enjoy my site, and contact me below if you ever need any photography done - my prices are super reasonable.


Contact:  emjay4@me.com